Digital Technology Consulting

Our team of Directors and Executives have seasoned knowledge of the business technology landscape. We’ll help your business to get the best out of digital.

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Experts on hand

Whether you need someone confident and technical to explain your product in an investor pitch, or you need someone there regularly to act as a Non-Executive Director, we can help.

Business Analysis
Tech Audit
App/Software Re-fresh
Launch a Product

Technology Feasibility Workshop

Have an idea which needs validating?

Would you like to know the exact scope of your project to help you plan operations, budgets and staffing? We offer technology feasibility study sessions, lead by experts from the tech field.

Get in touch with us to express your interest in a session. Depending on the type of product, we'll decide on the right people to bring into the room. We'll both sign an NDA to protect your idea, and together we'll define what your success looks like and how you're best to get there.

Firstly, you'll get a technical specification, prepared by our Tech Lead. This document will guide anyone involved in the project in the future. If you require a prototype - this can be generated. You'll get all the files and documentation from the study and ownership of the intellectual property. We'll give you the option to file patents on your behalf, and develop your concept into a commercial product.

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Partnership Benefits.

As well as websites, we offer digital partnerships. We’ll act as your non-executive director team for all things Digital.



To provide expert knowledge in complex business areas such as Product, Tech, Marketing & UI/UX


Preferred Suppliers

Hasha has an extensive network of videographers, designers, developers, marketers and other trusted staff - which saves time procuring services.



To implement report solutions that are available live in data dashboards without needing to wait.


Product Roadmap

Frequent catchup calls with Hasha’s consultants for growth. Consultants to discuss key challenges around the positioning, market fit and use of technology to solve problems and help with the approach and planning of investment meetings.


Attend Pitches

Attend pitches, expand reach, identify joint ventures etc - we will be available for meetings, pitches or partner discussions as the equivalent of having a non-executive board with relevant experience for your niche.



Create efficiencies and find cost-effective strategies using analytical data - both paid and collected data points from users allow you to create data-driven design decisions, helping the wider team to optimise as appropriate.


Issues-specific Help

Be a key contributor to the startup launch by providing issues-specific guidance - to provide meetings minutes from each session for you to take away your notes.


Investor Network

Once the idea is refined, we will endeavour to reach out to investors in our network where appropriate.