We work in software. Designing, fixing, improving.

We've got a no bullsh## approach to software. If it's not possible, we won't attempt it. If it's been done, we'll inform you. If there's an easier way to achieve the same objective, we'll give it to you.


UK Dev Team

We all live in Manchester, so it won't be hard to get in touch with your developers during normal working hours.


Developer First

We prefer to let our developers lead the way, rather than be pigeon-holed into a design.


Code Review

We use modern code checking principles. This means code is checked and unit tested (by a machine) before deployment.


Weekly Releases

We work Agile. This means we build, test & deliver feature-by-feature, letting your company roll out new releases constantly.

Big Team Practices as standard

Peer Review

As consultants, we take pride in our code, but we also check it with a third party developer also.

Automated Testing

If the humans don't catch it, the machines will. Each new feature is UAT tested by a custom built bot.

Cloud Storage

We can help your enterprise set up and manage scalable cloud storage instances.

Payment Processing

We work with payment processing partners to ensure you get the best service for your store.

API Development

API's can connect almost anything. If it's logical, we'll find a way to connect the dots.

White Label-able

If you're not the end client and you're looking for our software services, we'll 'be part of your team' ad-hoc.

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